Hair Implant

Do you have a baldness (alopecia) problem and you don't know how to solve it ?

Klinik De Era's Biofibre Hair Implant system is now possible to solve the problem of male and female alopecia (baldness) , in a simple and safe way, guaranteeing an immediate and natural aesthetic result. An increasing number of patients all over the world use Biofibre Hair Implant system and are satisfied of it.

Biofibre Hair Implant is a simple, soft aesthetic medicine procedure that consists in inserting the biocompatible artificial hair, identical to natural hair, in the bald and/or thin hair area until the desired hair density is reached, with an Immediate Aesthetic Result and no pain or discomfort for the patient .

Biofibre Hair Implant is an excellent Hair Thickening Technique applicable to cases of Androgenic Alopecia (baldness), general hair thinning, male and Female alopecia (baldness), Depletion or absence of a donor area for hair transplant, disseminated scarring alopecia.