Non Surgical Liposculpture (Micool)

Non Surgical Liposculpture treatment, developed from medical applications, uses the pain-free process of electrolipolysis to bring about great results. Using the latest in hi-tech equipment, pain-free electronic mico-currents are applied through the surface of the skin by means of non-invasive electrode pads, to reach the fat cells and stimulate the medically proven process of electrolipolysis.

The programmed frequency of current stimulates the conversion of triglycerides (fatty deposits) in the fat cells into free fatty acids. Unlike triglycerides, these acids are able to pass through the membrane of the fat cell wall into the tissue fluid and then into the lymphatic system where they are transported to other areas of the body and eliminated as waste.

The Lipotonic Multiprogram machine used to stimulate the process of electolipolysis, has a built-in program that automatically performs the important task of lymphatic drainage.

Key Benefits:

  • promotes an immediate loss of inches
  • dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite affected areas
  • provides the basis for a healthier, slimmer life-style

It is ideal for fast improvement of body-shape for that important special event such as a holiday or wedding, and for a motivating ‘quick-start’ to a healthier life-style programme.