Mole & Lump Removal

Blemishes on the body such as lumps and moles, like an ink spot on a painting, not only tarnish a good-looking body but also cause psychological and emotional distress. With a quick and simple incision, our cosmetic surgeons can safely remove these blemishes, effectively removing the black marks from your life forever.

Mole Removal
Depending on the size, location and type of mole, our trained cosmetic surgeon will excise the mole, leaving no sign of unsightly birthmarks. Feel like a brand new you, sans mole!

Lump Removal
Lumps and bumps can be caused by several factors such as accidents, genetic growths, post-surgical effects or others. Our cosmetic surgeon can skilfully smoothen out the unsightly lumps with either laser treatment or excision, depending on the kind and size of lump.